a big HELLO!

My name is Jenny Lynn and before I became pregnant I knew absolutely nothing about sewing. Nothing.

I remember sewing a pillowcase in a Year 8 Textiles class and can perhaps confess to fixing the odd falling button, but that really was it. I've always loved colours, patterns and fabrics and had a flair for creativity, but it wasn't until the maternal nesting instinct kicked in that one day I decided to buy a sewing machine online.

With ideas flourishing for a jungle-themed nursery I beavered away on my first sewing projects, working it out as I went along with the help of Mr Google and Mum. I couldn't help but boast about my achievements on Facebook and very soon friends began to place their custom orders. Somehow a new business was founded: Sew Ape!

Since June 2013 I've been creating custom items for new parents across the globe and I'm loving the journey of growing a business that I stumbled across by accident. I work from the dining room of my little cottage in Faversham, Kent, where I live with my husband and two little boys.

It really is wonderful to have found something that I enjoy so much and can fit around looking after my family. I can't wait to see where this will go!

Please feel free to browse the website and thank you so much for visiting. If you have any questions, I'm pretty good on email and will get back to you fairly quickly.